At Rebelbirdz, we see our employees as our greatest assets and ambassadors. An employee filled with joy instills their joy and passion into the product and world that Rebelbirdz transcends.

The vision of Rebelbirdz is to build our company and spirit from within, and allow our employees, our 'Rebelyees' as we call them, to help shape our company and future.
We are searching for joyful, curious and skilled 'Rebelyees' to join our exciting and dynamic journey as we spread our wings and fly!

We choose our 'Rebelyees' and partners on 5 important parameters:
1) Values
2) Authenticity
3) Right Skills set
4) Self-Leadership ability
5) Passion to make a difference

If you believe you are our next 'Rebelyee' please submit your open application to our incredible Rebel Head of Talents by emailing