Outer and Inner Beauty Routines
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 A complete routine solution for your outer and inner beauty.

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4 selected beauty and wellness routines,
with high-quality products, 4 full size and 7 travel size 

Hand-selected expert wellbeing tips

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How to Become a Rebelbird



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Explore Products

From cruelty-free and high-quality brands and 
find your best outer beauty routine.


Create Good Habits

With our leading experts and researchers and find your best inner beauty routine.


Be a Rebelbird

By creating an inner and outer beauty routine and becoming more comfortable in your skin.

Over 1700kr value for 599 kr

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Outer Beauty Routines

We view beauty as a daily routine that empowers who you are, not ‘just’ a quick fix of beauty products to help you through the day. Your outer beauty routine is about having the best daily habit for your skincare, make-up, hair-care and much more. You will explore products from beauty and lifestyle brands to find the best routine for you. It's a way to take care of yourself–it's self-love!


Inner Beauty Routines

You will also receive simple and effective tips, based on the latest research within positive mental health and well-being, selected for you by our leading experts. These tips are meant to be build a routine within the 3 months period of every box so they become healthy habits contributing to inner well-being. Over time, your daily inner beauty routine will be a natural part of your everyday life.

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Words from our #rebelbirdz ambassadors


Olivia, 26 yrs

"In everyday life, the Rebelbirdz routines have done a lot for me."


Chatrin, 52 yrs

"Love your concept! After a serious bicycle accident with remaining complaints, I know the importance of caring for both your inner and outer."


Maria Ahlgren

"When is the next box coming? Can't wait ❤️"
- Author of Beauty Food and Beauty Editor at Damernas Värld/DV Mode

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Beauty Through Joy

Our Experts

Dr. Dan Hansson

Dr Dan Hasson

Is a renouned researcher and author with a PhD in stress management and health promotion at Uppsala University in Sweden.

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Gunilla Turner

Gunilla Turner

Is a beauty industry expert who has worked over 20 years in the beauty industry. She has worked with prestige brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Kanebo Sensai, and...

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Embrace Your True Beauty

Value over 1700 SEK for 599 SEK
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