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We have flown far up in the sky to find the best and most credible sources to give you the best advice and tips for your Rebelbirdz inner and outer beauty routine. Below you can meet two of our stellar Rebelbird Experts!

Dr. Dan Hansson

Dr Dan Hasson

Dan Hasson is a scientist and author with a PhD in stress management and health promotion from Uppsala University. He is an Associate Professor in Public Health at Karolinska Institutet and has been an associated researcher at the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University. Today he is a research collaborator at the Mayo Clinic in the USA and an affiliated scientist at Karolinska Institutet.

Dan Hasson is the author of the book 'Stressa Rätt' and the upcoming book release 'Faktastiskt – Rätt strategier för ledare och HR'. Dan Hasson is moreover the creator of the award-winning concept HealthWatch, which aims at providing concrete and practical tools for individuals, organisations and businesses to maintain and enhance health and quality of life and counteract stress-related ill health.

Dr Dan Hasson is a key contributor to Rebelbirdz personally selecting and ensuring that the wellbeing tips that Rebelbirdz provides to its followers are based on the latest research to optimise a healthy daily routine. Fun fact: ’Dr. Dan’, as we call him at Rebelbirdz, loves to long board using only the Swedish hand-made Kahalani longboards. He greets every individual with warmth, respect and an open heart. ’Dr Dan’ is a true Rebelbird.

Gunilla Turner

Gunilla Turner

Gunilla Turner is a beauty industry expert who has worked over 20 years in the beauty industry. She has worked with prestige brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Kanebo Sensai, and moreover, she has held the position of Country Manager Sweden for Christian Dior Parfums for 10 years.

Today she is the CEO of Turneraround Consulting, a business she runs with her husband, Steve Turner. Together, Gunilla and Steve work with individuals and companies to develop their extraordinary potential in order to attain better health, greater happiness, and higher levels of achievement.

Gunilla is the Mother Bird at Rebelbirdz, making sure every person is radiating genuine joy from the inside out. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or the best guiding advice in life, then Gunilla is your go-to Rebelbird!

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